First of all, thanks for supplying us your feedback - reading through the comments there's a lot of ideas and suggestions here. We're looking at our makeup offerings and the purpose is to be exactly where you indicate - where they make sense from the wider context of RuneScape Gold  articles, historic or current. It's not going to be an overnight thing, but we are, with future Yak Track events, as an example, attempting to tie them thematically into content releases later in the year. If anybody has any hints, please list them below and I'll pass them onto the group.

Would it be possible to enlarge the list of items that can be redeemed for Premier Club reward tokens? Time-limited occasions (such as postage cards, e.g. Faceless Assassins event) and Yak-Track makeup would be amazing for those who missed the chance to make them originally. For your love of Guthix can you inform what creates the outfits to prevent being lazy with the physical versions? The outfit that is twitch is a complete joke.

Female model literally uses the male model and it looks *terrible*, and most recent outfits are similarly bulky and boxy. The textures are phenomenal - it is just the recycled models that are boxy. When you attempt to mix and match, A lot of the new armor sets are REALLY bulky in places and do not play nice. Notably on females, things such as the Equis armor has HUGE plates around the shoulders and waist, but exceptionally slender limbs which make the character seem like they're trying to wear something a few sizes too big, while the sheratan set is a great example of something you could reasonably combine with other armor collections (Color/material fitting apart ).

Thanks so much for passing onto the RuneScape team, JD! Personally, I would buy osrs gp enjoy seeing things like: Stylized interpretations retro-themed makeup. (The armour, cloaks, and weapons on such models appear incredible.) A mixture of easy (~2010) and complicated (contemporary ) cosmetics that appeal to different tastes.