An electronic scale with the function of measuring body fat rate is called electronic body fat scale. Intuitively speaking, all metal sheets (electrodes) that can be seen on the scale surface have the function of measuring body fat percentage.

The high-end scale will use ITO conductive film instead of traditional metal electrode, but BIA (bioelectrical impedance method) analysis method is used to measure the body fat ratio on the electronic scale:

The main principle of BIA measurement method is to simply divide the body into conductive body fluids, muscles, etc. and non-conductive adipose tissue. During measurement, extremely small current is emitted from electrode plates through the body. If the fat ratio is high, the measured biological resistance is large, and vice versa. BIA is used to measure the body fat ratio through this machine.

The description seems very advanced. In fact, this technology has been used for decades. Today, with the rapid development of science and technology, it is not a new technology.

The measurement function of body fat rate on household electronic scales is not as accurate as professional medical equipment, but it is the most convenient way to know one's own body fat rate at present.

Of course, if you insist, you can also estimate your approximate body fat rate by comparing the pictures on the internet, using the combination formula of girth and sebum forceps, but our focus is to buy a scale, weigh yourself and measure your body fat for reference.

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