We help solve vision-sensing challenges in automotive and industrial applications across the globe with high-performance, integrated radio-frequency (RF) complementary metal-oxide semiconductor (CMOS) radar technology. We make radar easy with a broad portfolio of 60- and 77-GHz sensors that enables sensing applications with long range, high resolution and edge intelligence.Get more news about millimeter wave radar,you can vist our website!
Our high-resolution radar technology enables sensing applications with edge intelligence and immunity to environmental conditions.

Our broad portfolio of 60- and 77-GHz sensors enables redefined and enhanced existing sensing applications, from simple motion detection to high-end imaging radar.

We eliminate engineering obstacles to facilitate easy design-in with our products, which include a complete radar system on chip (SoC) and antenna-on-package sensor to address RF antenna design challenges.

Automotive mmWave solutions enable safer and easier driving experiences by sensing and reacting to exterior and interior environments. See our sensors in action:

Industrial mmWave solutions detect an object's range, velocity and angle with unprecedented accuracy and resiliency. See our sensors in action:

Millimeter-wave (mmWave) radar is a contactless sensing technology for detecting objects and providing the range, velocity and angle of those objects.