Summer is coming so it's time to head to the coast for a beach run. Not only do you immediately get a good workout, but as a bonus you also have a great view! Running on the beach is a lot harder than running on asphalt, so build it up slowly! With these 7 tips your beach run will be a success!

  1. Stay as close to the sea as possible
  2. Avoid the crowds and heat
  3. Take it easy
  4. Barefoot
  5. Airy clothes
  6. Lubricate yourself well
  7. drink enough

1 – Stay as close to the sea as possible

At low tide, the sand along the waterline is flat and firm. That is a lot easier than on dry, loose sand. Are you used to running on the beach and want to make your training a bit more challenging? Then start with short 2-3 minute intervals on dry sand, alternating with 5-6 minutes on firm sand along the waterline.

2 – Avoid the crowds and heat

So go early in the morning or around sunset. At these times you avoid the biggest crowds and it is also less hot.

3 – Take it easy

Running on the beach is harder and requires more of your feet, ankles and lower legs. Start with a 15 to 20 minute beach run at a leisurely pace and gradually build up to it for a few minutes at a time.

4 – Barefoot

The beach is a good place to give barefoot running a try. Again, take it easy! Alternate a few minutes of running with walking. Do you prefer to wear shoes? You can put on your regular running shoes just fine.

5 – Airy clothes

Shorts and a tank top made of functional material, for example. Light colors keep you cooler than dark ones.

6 – Lubricate yourself well

Choose a sunscreen with at least SPF 15 and apply every spot of bare skin half an hour before you run outside. A stick is often nice for your face, if you start to sweat it will not drip into your eyes as quickly.

7 – Drink enough

Drink a few glasses of water before you leave and when your beach run is over. Take a bottle of water with you if you are going on the road for more than half an hour. Do you also want to increase fat burning? 

GOOD LUCK!!! - dm tipe 2

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