There are over 3,000 AP classes available to students every year, many of which are restricted to seniors, while others are more accessible to juniors and sophomores. Once you’ve found the course you want to take, you can register through your school. Here is an outline of the process of registering for an AP class so that you can get in and start enjoying your new academic experience!

What is AP Program?

The Advanced Placement Program or AP Program enables high school students to pursue college-level studies in a wide variety of subjects. A variety of exams are offered yearly by The College Board, which oversees participation in AP courses and exams throughout Canada. Currently, approximately 3,400 colleges and universities worldwide accept scores on these exams for credit or advanced placement. These schools include public institutions, four-year colleges, community colleges, proprietary schools, and two-year institutions.

1) Which AP courses are right for you?

You can always take an AP course and get a good grade if you memorize every fact and score well on all of your practice tests. However, taking an AP course shouldn’t be about impressing colleges; it should challenge yourself and get a top-tier education. So if you’re thinking about taking an AP class, make sure you understand why you want to take it—and make sure it matches up with your interests and educational goals. Colleges want to see students who push themselves and have a solid understanding of their strengths and weaknesses. They’ll also know if they don’t have enough information in their application or are rushing into something that wasn’t right for them.

Advantages of taking AP Course

Students who decide to take an Advanced Placement course take extra work in exchange for several benefits. According to College Board, students who score a 3 or above on an Advanced Placement exam are considered college-ready by many colleges and universities worldwide. For instance, at Harvard University, candidates for admission must have taken at least one year of rigorous secondary school preparation in each of two academic subjects. Some students take more than one AP class, but there are limits on how many classes students can take—3 or fewer if you’re entering college as a first-year student and 4 or fewer if you’re enrolled as a sophomore. There are several advantages of taking an AP course, such as:

1. Make you stand out in college admission

2. Save you some bucks on tuition

3. You don’t have to attend introductory college classes

4. Build college skills and confidence in students

How do I register for the AP course?

For AP course registration, you can contact our admissions department at

What if I miss the deadline?

Contact your school guidance counselor immediately if you missed the deadline. They may be able to find room in a class or create an independent study. You’ll want to do so quickly, though, as many schools will shut down registration once it's over—meaning you can't add yourself to any classes after that date.