Current psychedelic Company Stocks in Canada are also referred to as cannabis stocks. The came into the spotlight after late 2020 among various Canadian stocks. They were to have their exchange-traded fund. According to various studies, the previous year was the most challenging for mental health. Struggles of people with PTSD, anxiety, and depression was the main concern. Psychedelic stock can help millions of people who are trying hard on their mental health. According to experts, this is one of the best business opportunities. 

Even investors like Facebook fame, Paypal also investing in psychedelic firms. According to the media, one of the biopharmaceutical companies is working hard on making psychedelic drugs that will help in treating mental health and disorders. They were even raising $100 million for the public offering. Billionaires are investing in psychedelic company stocks in Canada due to business opportunities. We have listed a few of the psychedelics company stocks in Canada which are having potential gains.

Top Psychedelic Company Stocks in Canada:

• Mind Medicine:

Psychedelic-inspired medicines have quick healing power neurological issues. The company has earned revenue of $204 million within the first quarter of 2021. They have also acquired in machine learning digital medicine company name HealthMode. At the beginning of the Year 2021, we have quoted the source clinical trial for the combination of LSD and MDMA while collaborating with UHB Liechti Lab. They have had successful results when the first publication on the pharmacogenetic data. They are also collaborating with Nextage Therapeutics for the collaboration purpose to optimize and deliver a psychedelic drug candidate.

• Bright Minds Bio:

The brain is the most complex organ in the human body; it has billions of neurons connected with various electrical circuits. Serotonin is most important in maintaining normal brain function. The imbalance of serotonin can cause serious mental health problems and neurological issues. Expert teams of neuroscientists have created serotonin drugs to cure specific conditions. Serotonin health in the regulation of emotion, memories, cognitive function, and sleep-wake cycle. An imbalance will cause diseases like pain disorder and neuropsychiatric seizures. The psychedelic drug will normalize the serotonin activity at a normal level. This will help in treating a large range of people with disorders and help them to get back to their normal life.

• Compass Pathways:

Compass pathway is developing psilocybin formulation, which is currently in a clinical trial for treating patients with resistant depression. The drug has proven to be the best treatment for resistant depression. According to studies, the drug is one of the viable treatments which can only be used once other treatments have failed. Although this condition is one of the risky psychedelic company stocks in Canada. New investors are in confusion to invest in this global depression drug, which is being market valued at $18.9 billion in the year 2019. It is expected to have an annual growth of more than 2 % between the years 2020 and 2030.  This drug is more likely to be used than expected after the increasing success rate in trials.