Norton antivirus is the most widely used antivirus program in the world. Norton antivirus will remove all malicious programs and viruses from your computer when you install them on your PC. Anti-malware protects your computer from all kinds of threats. Norton anti-malware provides optimization tools to improve device performance. Norton can be purchased in both online and retail stores. You can either use a CD to install Norton on your device or you can download the setup from the internet.

Norton offers a yearly subscription. You must renew your Norton plan every year after the Norton plan expires. You can also renew your Norton plan with Norton's auto-renewal service, which automatically renews it. You can cancel norton antivirus if you do not want your Norton plan to be auto-renewal or you wish to upgrade your Norton antivirus program.

How to cancel your Norton subscription

  1. Navigate to the internet browser and type Norton antivirus into the search box
  2. Click the Login button
  3. Enter the Norton credentials
  4. Click on the profile
  5. Click the Subscribe button
  6. Click the Cancel button
  7. A confirmation window will appear
  8. Click the Confirm button

Your Norton plan will be canceled automatically after it expires. The Norton plan can be used until your subscription expires. You can cancel the subscription to upgrade your Norton antivirus software or renew the plan by yourself.

Upgrade Norton antivirus

Norton offers a variety of plans for users with different devices. These steps will allow you to upgrade your Norton plan.

  1. Visit the web browser
  2. Search for Norton
  3. Click the Login tab
  4. Enter your Norton ID
  5. Enter the password
  6. Click the Login button
  7. Your Norton profile page will be displayed
  8. Click the Upgrade button
  9. On the screen will be a list of Norton plans

You can review the features and services offered by all Norton plans. Click on the Norton antivirus that you wish to install. The Norton shopping cart page will redirect you. Click the Confirm button to confirm your order. The Norton billing page will open. Click on the Buy Now button to enter your billing information. Wait until the payment process is complete. The confirmation mail will be sent to your registered email address.

Check the Norton mail in your email account. The setup URL and receipt will be displayed. Click on the URL to start the setup process. Wait until the next screen appears. The new Norton plan will remove the old plan automatically from your device. Follow the prompts and click on Next. To apply the Norton plan, you will need to restart your device after it is installed.

You will see the Norton icon on your desktop when you restart the device. The Norton dashboard will be displayed on your screen when you click on the icon. Click on the system scan button. Navigate to the preferences to adjust the Norton settings to suit your device. You can also check the firewall and other tools.

If you wish to cancel your subscription, you will need to renew it manually. It is important to renew the Norton antivirus before its expiry date. You will receive the expiry warning messages from your antivirus. To ensure your device is protected from malware, renew your plan before it expires. You don't have to worry about the remaining Norton subscription days. Your new plan will automatically add the remaining days. You can renew your Norton plan up to 10 days before it expires. The remaining 10 days will be added to your new Norton subscription.

  1. Here are the steps to renew Norton antivirus
  2. Open Norton dashboard, and click on My Norton
  3. Click the Open button
  4. Click on the Renew button
  5. Your Norton subscription will be visible
  6. Click the Buy a Subscription option
  7. Sign in prompt will appear
  8. Enter your Norton credentials
  9. You will be redirected directly to the billing page

Click on the Confirm button to confirm your payment details

After payment, your Norton plan will be renewed successfully. To confirm that your Norton plan has been renewed successfully, open the Norton dashboard. Click on the subscription button. The product key can be used to renew your plan.

Norton antivirus offers premium protection tools for your computer. There are many plans available so users can choose the best plan for them. You can also install Norton antivirus on multiple systems with one subscription. A yearly subscription will be provided and you can access Norton's tools from the device. To access the tools, the subscription must be renewed after it expires. You can choose to purchase 2 or 3-year plans if you are looking for Norton antivirus for a longer period. You can also activate the auto-renewal feature in your Norton plan. For all Norton plans, auto-renewal may not be available. For auto-renewal, you will need to visit the Norton subscription page. Your Norton will automatically renew each time you enable it. This service can be disabled manually if you do not use Norton on your computer.