Since analytical essays are a blend of argumentative and persuasive essays, you must take up the right cause as the topic of your essay. To help you bring people to see a matter from your perspective, you need to choose from the best proposal essay topics so that your ideas resonate. 

Moreover, choosing a good topic for your analytical or philosophy essay means half the battle is won. On that note, here are 20+ issues that you can consider.

  1. A method to create a well-rounded curriculum for high schools
  2. The role of guardians in encouraging children taking up extracurricular activities
  3. A method for schools and colleges for avoiding bullying within the premises
  4. Ways to establish better relations between teachers and students
  5. How to improve the involvement of a parent in their child’s education?
  6. How can cellular phones be used productively within the classroom?  
  7. How to develop the habit of reading books in children?
  8. A plan for a revised gradation system to help children learn how to be better humans
  9. Why should sex education be imparted mandatorily?
  10. A plan to reduce obesity in children
  11. How to reduce alcohol abuse among adolescents?
  12. A local plan to ensure healthcare coverage for residents of a town
  13. How to control the supply of drugs like antidepressants and tranquilisers?
  14. A chalked-out plan to avoid risks of congenital disabilities in IVF
  15. How can each citizen contribute towards combating climate change?
  16. A plan to reduce the problem of plastic bags
  17. How can country laws counter the level of environmental degradation?
  18. A detailed plan to counter the problem of vehicle pollution
  19. How can we fight soil degradation at a grass-root level?
  20. How can we reduce technology dependency?
  21. What are the steps to be taken to protect data from online breaches?
  22. How can cyber-bullying be prevented and eliminated?
  23. A plan to use social media to upgrade online educational reforms
  24. How can be sports made an everyday part of our lives?
  25. How can sportspersons create a positive health image for the masses?

Choose any one of these essay topics to fetch an excellent grade with your submission.  You can get essay homework help services. May the force be with you!

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