The High Performance V-Belt can be supplied either as individual v-belts. In addition, we can also offer you v-belt pulleys perfectly adapted to the High Performance V-Belt.High Performance V-Belt look like relatively benign and simple pieces of equipment. They're basically a glorified rubber band, right? Need a replacement?

  High Performance V-Belt are a must if you have a high performance engine. Manufacturer timing belts are made for everyday driving. Also, for use in multiple V-belt drives where high shock load and heavy-duty loads are encountered. They do not require special selections to make multiple transmissions.

  High strength V-Belt are made of high performance materials that are resistant to heat and oil.The most aggressive high strength V-Belt ever made for shock-loaded applications.The body rubber compound is a highly engineered synthetic rubber compound.

  Our belts are manufactured with a tough, durable, yet flexible cover, surrounding an insulating core that fuses the tensile cords to the compression section of the belt.They consist of several high strength V-Belt joined together by a permanent, high strength V-Belt offering a tougher more stable solution compared to a single belt.